S-Biner LeashLink Dual Carabine Stainless

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Slidelock Pet S-Biner  LeashLink Dual Carabine Stainless

Featuring stainless steel construction and slide-to-lock gates, the SlideLock Pet allows you to bring your pup along for the fun, connecting their leash to public tables, gates, fences, and more for an on-the-go tie-out you can trust. SlideLock can also clip and carry gear on walks and store leashes at home.

Like any dog owner, you wish you could bring your pup with you to your favorite outdoor restaurant or weekend brewery stop (pet-friendly of course). You've probably even thought about it once or twice, but ran into a snag: I can't let them just roam free, so how do I keep a reign on them while keeping my hands free? Enter the SlideLock Pet S-Biner. Temporarily tether Fido to the base of patio tables, gates, and other public spaces by simply clipping their leash to one end and clipping the other end onto the object in question. Get creative in natural landscapes by looping their leash around small trees or columns, using the SlideLock to connect. Multiple dogs? Let SlideLock do the heavy lifting by connecting both leashes to each other for family walks and adventures. The dual stainless steel gates stay closed with just a slide of the locking levers, preventing breakouts and easing worries with a strong stainless steel body. In between stops, you can stay on doody duty, simply clipping their roll of bags to the leash with the S-Biner. After your long day of fun, hang up their leash at home with a simple clip onto any hook, and do it all again tomorrow!

Be sure to only use SlideLock Pet with a tie-out approved harness and never leave them unattended. Fully read the below warnings to protect our favorite furry family members!


  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Strong stainless steel wire gate closure with slide-to-lock security
  • Securely clip leash + attach bags or gear

Additional Information:


  • Use only with a tie-out-approved harness.
  • Do NOT use choke-type or adjustable collars.
  • This product is for attended temporary tethering ONLY. Do not leave pet unattended while tethered. 
  • Never tether near or around obstacles in which your pet can become entangled. It is the pet owner's responsibility to ensure the product does not become tangled or wrapped around your pet.
  • Not all dogs can be tethered effectively - owner supervision and judgment is required.
PLU: 1-21286
BRAND: Nite Ize

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