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Comfort Aches™ maintains a healthy musculoskeletal system, even in the roughest of play. This unique combination of herbs has gentle and harmonizing properties, making Comfort Aches™ the ideal natural alternative. Comfort Aches™ helps to maintain a normal inflammatory response and is great for dogs and cats experiencing occasional aches, discomfort, stiffness, or soreness.



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Notoginseng Root (San Qi) Actions: Stops Bleeding, Transforms Blood Stasis, and Addresses Discomfort from Traumatic Injuries. Angelica Tang Kuei (Dang Gui) Actions: Invigorates, Tonifies and Harmonizes the Blood, and Addresses Discomfort. Frankincense (Ru Xiang) Actions: Invigorates Blood, Promotes Movement of Qi, Addresses Discomfort. Myrrh (Mo Yao) Actions: Invigorates Blood, Dispels Blood Stasis, Supports Healing, and Addresses Discomfort. Carthamus (Hong Hua) Actions: Dispels Blood Stasis, Addresses Discomfort and Invigorates Blood. Achyranthes (Huai Nui Xi) Actions: Invigorates Blood, Expels Blood Stasis, Strengthens Tendons and Bones, Benefits the Joints and Tonifies and Nourishes the Liver and Kidneys.
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