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Hyper Lickimat Orange Large


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Hyper Lickimat Orange Large


With its raised crosses design, the Lickimat is perfect for catching any type of foods, not just peanut butter. Great for all animals especially, small cats & dogs or large dogs/pigs/horses. Whether you want to do a little dab of Xylitol-free PB or an entire meal, the Lickimat Buddy is a very versatile lick mat. 

Lick mats can help with aiding digestion, keeping dogs busy and occupied, great for mental stimulation.  Fun fact: 15 minutes of puzzle play like a lick mat is equal to a one mile walk. 

Additional Information:

The Lickimat® Buddy LG boredom buster is 11" x 11" inches 

The Lickimat® Buddy™ SM boredom buster is 8" x  8" 

PLU: 1-18970
BRAND: Hyper Products