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OC Raw Fish & Produce Patty Bulk 18lb


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OC Raw Fish & Produce Patty Bulk 18lb

This formulation is made from fish sourced from the Pacific waters, tilapia, and white meat fillets of Pollock fish. This is a rare protein for the raw marketplace. This unique formula is great for dogs and cats with allergies. EVERYTHING used is USA grown (except lamb and goat which usually comes from New Zealand or Australia).

Pollok Filet is a unique protein source for dogs. This is an excellent option for dogs with extreme food allergies or for breed specific applications. Dogs like akitas or huskies who originate where fish are a major protein source do very well and thoroughly enjoy this fish. The predominate source of our fish is filet from white fish which are very lean in fat. White fish is rich in a number of B vitamins such as niacin (B3), which is needed to promote healthy cells and to help eliminate toxins from the body and pyridoxine (B6), which keeps the skin, nervous system and red blood cells healthy. White fish is also rich in several essential minerals such as iron, phosphorus, selenium, and iodine.

Additional Information:

Ingredients: Pollok Fish Filets, Tilapia, Carrots, Apples, Green Beans, Broccoli,Spinach, Acorn Squash, Papaya, Honey, Beets, Parsley, Blueberries, Cranberries, Coconut Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Calcium Carbonate.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (min): 18%
Fat (min): 3%
Fiber (max): 2%
Moisture (max): 75%
Omega 3/Omega 6 Ratio: 1:1.25
Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio: 1:1
Calorie Content (calculated ME): 1,145.6 kcal/kg | 260 kcal/8oz

PLU: 1-21930