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Dr. Bob Goldstein’s, Flea & Tick Defense Program is a system of products made with natural and effective ingredients used both internally and topically, that defend against and eliminate fleas, ticks, and other biting insects without using harmful chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. We have been committed to developing products that we are proud to use on our own animals. For over 30 years, our product line has been tried and tested by our family’s dogs and cats as well as thousands of others across the country. They are safe, effective and offer year-round protection. Make the switch today from chemicals and insecticides. Good for you, your dogs and cats and the planet.

For ESSENTIAL, year-round prevention, simply add our powders and drops to your animal’s daily diet. The special combination of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs helps to change the odor of your dog and cats blood so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies do not like the odor or taste of the blood. The odor is undetectable by humans but loathed by insects, therefore they do not like to bite, embed or be attracted to your animal at all! At the same time, these products are building their immune system. We believe the healthier the animal the less likely for any infestations. It works! Over 35 years of proven testimonials!

For ADDITIONAL, topical protection, Dr. Bob Goldstein has carefully selected the 3 best natural ingredients making them protective powerhouses. The special combination of Virginia Cedar, Peppermint & Almond Oil works very effectively on repelling both fleas and ticks and is safe for animals, humans and the environment. The topical products are meant to be used in conjunction with the internal products during the warmer spring, summer and fall months of the year. The topical line of products consists of an herbal collar, spot-on, shampoo and bug spray.

Additional Information:


Daily Herbal Drops are a highly absorbable blend that helps guard dog or cats against flea & ticks. Helps to bitter the blood, support the body’s defense against flea & ticks and quiet the reaction of the skin to flea and tick bites.

  • Helps quiet the reaction and itching from flea bites.
  • Add the Herbal Drops to our Daily Internal Powders for optimum prevention against fleas and ticks
  • High Absorption to help bitter the blood and prevent flea and tick bites
  • Worry-Free: Safe for people, dogs, cats and the environment.

Herbal Drops Active Ingredients:

A Proprietary Blend of Organic & Wildcrafted Extracts of Garlic, Goldenrod, Yerba Saanta, Tobacco, Wormwood, Yellow dock, Neem, Rue, and Nettles. Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, Flower Essence Blend of (Cherry Plum, Elder, Hornbeam, Vervain), Glycerin and Water.

Daily Dose Recommendations Dog & Cats:

TO BE TAKEN ORALLY, twice daily. Can be given with food, water or directly in the mouth.

  • 3-7lbs – 4 drops
  • 8-15lbs – 5-8 drops
  • 16-35lbs – 10-12 drops
  • 36-85lbs – 15-18 drops
  • 86lbs – 20-25 drops
PLU: 1-15542
BRAND: Earth Animal

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