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Busy Buddy Waggle M/L


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Busy Buddy Waggle M/L

If you have a pup whose super skills are chewing, playing fetch and shamelessly seeking treats, the PetSafe® Busy Buddy® Waggle™ will make your dog very happy. This fun and interactive toy has a flexible middle that wags during play. It’s also great for playing fetch and tug-of-war. Each end of the toy compresses to encourage chewing. Our patented Treat Meter® releases treats randomly while your dog plays with the toy. Trim the prongs to make treats come out faster. It’s easy to clean and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Available in two sizes for dogs up to 65 pounds. PetSafe® brand is here to help you and your pet live happy together™.


  • Keeps Pets Busy - The toy wags and dispenses treats to keep your pet playing for hours

  • Challenging for Chewers - Each end compresses to encourage chewing; helps keep teeth clean

  • Interactive Treat Toy - Our patented Treat Meter® dispenses treats randomly while your dog plays with the toy; trim the prongs to make dry treats come out faster

  • Safe for Your Pet - Durable construction is built to handle strong chewers; made of safe, non-toxic materials

  • Easy to Clean - Dishwasher safe; use top shelf for best results

  • 2 Sizes Available - Choose from small or medium/large sizes

Additional Information:

Toy Sizing Chart

Toy Size Pet Size Sample Breeds
Small 8-25 pounds Yorkie, Jack Russell, Pug
Medium/Large 25-65 pounds Collie, Dalmation, Husky
PLU: 1-18607
BRAND: Pet Safe