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Nugget's Healthy Eats Dog Frozen Yogurt Cherry 3.5oz 4pk


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Nugget's Healthy Eats Dog Frozen Yogurt Chillin' Cherry

Made-from-scratch low fat yogurt made from milk delivered by happy cows who are rBST-free, grass fed, and enjoy free pasture access. We add billions of probiotics, delicious wild blueberries OR tart cherry puree, unsweetened applesauce, pumpkin, & organic Ceylon cinnamon, which offers a subtle, sweet flavor.

Our dogs need a diet rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants. Our cherry puree is from cherries with the highest levels of antioxidants called "Anthocyanins" - known to support joint function, a healthy immune system, and speed relief from muscle use & fatigue. These blends are given to thoroughbred race horses to assist with muscle recovery post-exercise.

Our yogurts all use Non GMO & Kosher ingredients, plus are made with milk from cows NOT treated with the synthetic hormone rBST.

Serving Suggestion: Keep frozen. Serve in cups for a refreshing lickable snack

Additional Information:

Lowfat yogurt with Live and active probiotic cultures, unsweetened applesauce, pumpkin, tart cherry puree, Ceylon cinnamon

PLU: 1-18957
BRAND: Nugget's Healthy Eat