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Smallbatch Dog Cat Frozen Rabbit Blend Chub 2lb

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Smallbatch Pets Dog and Cat Frozen Rabbit Blend Chub 2 lb 

Chubs with ground meat. Intended for supplemental feeding only, our blends are great for DIY raw feeders, intermittent rotational feeding, or added to your favorite base mix.  A convenient way to source high-quality humanely raised meat for your dog or cat.

Additional Information:

rabbit blend
100% rabbit

whole rabbits including bones, rabbit livers, rabbit hearts, rabbit kidneys, rabbit lungs

Moisture (max): 68.1%
Crude Protein (min): 17.85%
Crude Fat (min): 6.8%
Crude Fiber (max): 1.5%
Ash (max): 4.8%
Calcium (min): 1.2%
Phosphorous (min): 0.77%

Approx. 52 Calories per ounce
Approx. 10% organ, 10% bone
Bone Grind: 3/16”

Available in 2lb Chub

PLU: 1-19903
BRAND: Smallbatch