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Redbarn Pig Snout chews are single-ingredient chews which work to help maintain your dog's dental health and are a naturally rich source of protein. Pig snouts are the perfect choice for chew-time, so grab some for your dog today!

Additional Information:

  • Single Ingredient Chew
  • Grain and Gluten-Free
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Flavor, or Colors
  • Great Rawhide Alternative
  • Helps Reduce Stress Levels


Pork Snout

Monitor your pet while giving chews and give in limited quantity if your pet is not used to this chew. Do not allow your pet to swallow large pieces and discard any pieces that could be swallowed by your pet, as pieces could cause choking, stomach upset, or blockage. Recommended chew size is slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Giving the chew on upholstery or carpeting is not recommended. Always provide a fresh supply of drinking water.

PLU: 12048
BRAND: Red Barn