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Nugget's Healthy Eats Dog Cat Frozen Bone Brew Beef 4oz 4pk


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Nugget's Healthy Eats Dog Cat Frozen Bone Brew Beef 4 oz 4 Pack

Our Beef Brew is a savory, low fat/low-calorie year-round snack unlike anything else available for pets' gut health - a rich source of amino acids and gelatin. 

Our Recipe

Our signature slow-braised Beef Bone Brew is made from animals humanely raised on organic, open pastures. We use only premium knuckle & marrow bones from cattle 100% grass-fed. Our Brews are made the old fashioned way - roasting, then simmering the bones for more than 50 hours to extract maximum favor and nutrients. We use real apple cider vinegar and water purified by reverse osmosis to ensure the best possible product. Organs are added to enhance the broths. And we add ginger & turmeric.

Our brews are frozen immediately from the kettle to preserve the freshest product. Brews can be served as refreshing lickable “brothcicles” or thawed and served as a warm, nourishing snack in-between or for topping/rehydrating meals. A nourishing daily boost to support digestive health, joints and coat, and brain health.*

Serving Suggestion:  Keep frozen. Serve in cups for a tasty lickable snack or lightly warmed for a nourishing cup of love.

Additional Information:

Real beef bone broth made from premium marrow and knuckly bones and purified water, tumeric, ginger

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BRAND: Nugget's Healthy Eat