Green Juju Raw Goat Milk 32oz

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Green Juju Raw Goat Milk 32oz

Raw. Simple. Pure. 

Our grass-fed goat’s milk contains proteins, fats, enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and more! We source the best raw milk in the country — from happy, healthy, humanely raised goats.

Want to know why raw goat’s milk is such a powerful boost for your pet’s health? Our VP of Nutrition & Communication Billy Hoekman breaks it all down for you in a quick, informative video that will give you new ways to feed raw goat’s milk.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

How is Green Juju Raw Goat’s Milk Sourced?

We’ll tell you exactly where we get the milk. You’ll learn how the animals are raised and treated, so you know you’re getting quality milk from happy, healthy animals. Plus, we’ll explain the health benefits of unfermented whole raw goat’s milk for dogs and cats.

What is Fermentation?

Billy will show you how to ferment our goat’s milk on your countertop and in a yogurt maker. This option is unique to our specific raw goat’s milk, so he’ll share the additional benefits that fermentation provides.

What Does It Mean to Make Our Raw Goat’s Milk Lactose-Free?

You’ll learn the process to make the milk lactose-free, and we’ll explain why this approach might be advantageous for certain pets.

Additional Information:

PLU: 1-20931
BRAND: Green Juju

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