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MicroLink Pet Tag Carabiner Stainless - 2 Pack

Split rings and other unruly tag attachments are no match for MicroLink Pet. This streamlined micro carabiner allows you to easily clip, change, and secure your pet’s tags onto a collar or harness to keep them identifiable no matter where they stray.

Your pet doesn’t leave the house without their collar and attached tags—and now, they won’t leave without MicroLink Pet holding those tags safe. Measuring at just over 1 inch tall and ½ inch wide, this miniature solution allows for effortless tag attachment and security, providing the ease-of-use and peace-of-mind you deserve. Simply clip any ID tag, rabies tag, and registration tag onto MicroLink Pet, attach onto a collar or harness D-ring, and it’s instantly secured. The secret to its security is hidden in its unique design. The MicroLink Pet body features a narrow opening and novel gate design, preventing the possibility of tags slipping off mid-adventure. And with its strong stainless steel body, MicroLink Pet will keep your furry friend's tags safe with every step for years to come.


  • Narrow opening + unique design prevent tag loss
  • Holds most ID tags
  • Clips onto most D-rings on collars + harnesses
  • Easily transfer tags from one collar/harness to next
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Secure stainless steel wire gate closure
  • Available in 2-pack

Additional Information:

Warning: CHOKING HAZARD, NOT A CHEW TOY. Know your dog and choose the appropriate type of product to prevent choking or other harm. Observe your pet’s behavior with the product for suitability. Some products may be inappropriate for your pet. Supervised use only. Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury. Discontinue use if damaged. Not for use during containment or crating.

PLU: 1-21287
BRAND: Nite Ize

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