Huxley and Kent Party Crown Blue Large

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Huxley and Kent Party Crown Blue Large

Reign in Style with Huxley & Kent's Party Crowns for Pets 👑 Make every day a celebration with our exquisite Party Crowns designed exclusively for dogs and cats. Huxley & Kent brings you the perfect blend of regal elegance and pet-friendly comfort, ensuring your furry friend feels like true royalty on every special occasion.

🌟 Behold the Majestic SnugFit® Technology: Fit for a King or Queen

Our Party Crowns aren't just accessories; they are a testament to luxury and comfort, thanks to our innovative SnugFit® Technology:

 Double the Luxury: Crafted with two sets of stretchy elastic bands, our Party Crowns provide a snug and luxurious fit. Your pet will feel like true royalty without sacrificing comfort.

 Adjustable Opulence: The sliding toggle allows you to tailor the fit precisely under your pet's chin, ensuring a look that doesn't compromise on comfort. It's a crown that fits your pet perfectly, every time.

✨ Ear-Friendly Design: The elastic bands run both in front and back of your pet's ears, ensuring the hat stays securely in place.

🎨 It's All in the Details: A Crown for Every Noble Pet

 Feathered Finery: The design features marabou feathers for an extra touch of sophistication and flair. Your pet will not only look like royalty but feel like it too!

 Glitter Without the Mess: We've added a touch of glitter to enhance the regal charm, but don't worry – it's specially designed not to rub off on your pet or you. It's all the sparkle without the mess!

Our Party Crowns come in two sizes to cater to both dogs and cats. Choose from four different colors to match your pet's personality and the theme of the celebration. Whether it's a birthday, an adoption anniversary, or just a day to celebrate the joy your pet brings, our crowns are the perfect choice. Because when it comes to your pet, every day is a royal affair! 👑🎉

Additional Information: 

  • Large: 4 x 4 x 4
PLU: 2-13261
BRAND: Huxley & Kent

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