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The Ruby Lead 4'


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The Ruby Big Dog Lead 4'

Upcycling is better than recycling.

  • Made from durable recycled nylon climbing rope
  • Made in Seattle, WA by Krebs Recycle, a family-owned business
  • Rope width falls within 10-10.5 mm range
  • 4-foot length
  • Custom length available
  • Industrial-strength stitching done inspired by safety rescue equipment. We've never had our stitching fail
  • Swivel snap for easy connection to leash

At Krebs Recycle, we are remaking the way dog leashes are made. Our leashes are fashioned from durable, pre-consumer, and post-consumer recycled nylon climbing rope. In fact, we don’t recycle rope, we up-cycle it, which is better than recycling because we use the rope in its original form and extend its life by transforming it into a dog leash. There are no carbon-intensive recycling processes to turn the rope into something else. So you get a great leash, the rope stays out of the landfill, and the environment gets a break. 

Additional Information:

Available in assorted colors - let us choose the color for you. 

PLU: 466
BRAND: Krebs Recycle